Saint Nikola church

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Crkva Sveti Nikola
Црква Свети Никола

  Sacred heritage \ Church \ Mavrovo, Macedonia

  • Saint Nikola church

Saint Nikola church

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Saint Nikola church

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elevation / altitude
1,225 meters
0.89 km from main square / Mavrovo
latitude / longitude
41°39′36″N, 20°44′8″E

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The local people say that the saint and the God's power do not allow for it to completely disappear in the depths of Mavrovo Lake. The phenomenon of its constant emerging from the waters is explained by them with the impossibility of covering and forgetting about a sacred place.
It was built in 1850 by the Mavrovo people, who made it from fine processed stones. Its walls were fresco-painted by an unknown zograph. It was consecrated in the year 1853. But, by forming of the artificial lake and the dam, it was decided that it should be flooded. As its replacement, at only several meters from it, a build of a new monastery church dedicated to the same saint was initiated.

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