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Macedonia People - Macedonia Population

Macedonian people



Macedonians are the main nation that inhabit this country, comprising 64.17% of the total population. The Macedonians are mainly Orthodox christians, but however they are in smaller numbers Muslims (during the Ottoman rule some Orthodox Macedonian have taken the Muslim faith - most known are Goranci and Torbeshi).

Their roots are in the early Slavic tribes that settled this land between the 6th-7th centuries and intertwined with the ancient Macedonians and the other tribes that used to live in the region of Macedonia.

In short, most of the Macedonians are with Orthodox religious background.

Minorities in Macedonia

The other 35.83% are the minorities of which largest are the Albanians, followed by Turks, Serbs, Roma, Bosniaks in smaller numbers.

Macedonia population statistics

According to the last population census there were 2,022,547 inhabitants in Republic of Macedonia in 2002.

Macedonia population

Despite different religious and/or ethnic background their language, traditions and culture are more similar than not.

Here you will find warm-hearted people with splendid hospitality offering you all that they have to make you feel as comfortable as you can. The Macedonians are the best example of the great Balkan hospitality and friendliness. And indeed, the country’s charms have not been lost on an increasing number of Westerners today who are now choosing it as their second home!

Macedonia is a country worth to visit, so please don't hesitate to come!