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Macedonia spa tourism

Apart from the rare landscapes and special natural beauties, nature also endowed Macedonia with springs with important therapeutic properties. Macedonia spreads over a vast amount of geothermal waters and the spas are part of the Macedonia’s national wealth, while their therapeutic properties were already known in ancient times.

Inexhaustible underground lakes of this wealth of natural energy are located through Macedonia. There are more than 60 thermal springs tapped at several spas:

Spa resorts in Macedonia

They offer facilities for treatment, rehabilitation, recreation and accommodation as well. Another important one are the Proevce spa near Kumanovo and Kezovica near Stip.

Highest is the temperature of the water in Banjsko (73ºC), then in Istibanja (55ºC), Kežovica (54ºC), Katlanovo (40.5ºC), Debar (38.6ºC), Negorci (38ºC), Kumanovo (31ºC).