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Arriving by car or busRegulations for foreigners when entering Macedonia

Currency Regulations

When entering into the country the non-residents

Could freely bring into the country the amount that does not exceed the equivalent of 2,000 euros in foreign currency and checks and up to 20,000 denars per person.

They are obliged to declare their foreign currency and checks to the Customs authority where the total amount exceeds the equivalent of 2,000 euros, it is compulsory to receive written certificate issued by the Customs authority.

Customs Regulations

Dear passengers!

Welcome to Republic of Macedonia. In desire to facilitate your entry to the Republic of Macedonia, we would like to inform you about your rights and obligations.

Goods not to be declated

If you are Macedonian or a foreign citizen arriving from abroad, yoa are entitled to customs allowances (exemptions from duties, VAT and excise taxes) when entering Republic of Macedonia:

  • goods for your personal use during the journey (personal luggage);
  • tobacco products:
    • 100 cigarillos, or
    • 50 cigars, or
    • 250 gms of smoking tobacco, or
    • proportional quantity of various above listed tobacco products
  • Alcohol and Alcoholic beverages:
    • 2 litres of wine, and
    • 1 litre of spirits or strong liqours
    • perfume: 50ml, or
    • toilet water: 250 ml.

Passengers under 18 cannot have the tobacco or alcohol allowance.

If you are a Macedonian citizen, you are entitled to customs allowance, along with the above mentioned goods, for: sarticles you are importing occasionally for your personal use, your family use or as a gifts and their total value does not exceed 50 Euros.

Please note that 50 Euros customs allowance does not apply to tobacco products, alcohol an alcoholic beverages, perfume and toilet water in quantities exceeding the above listed.

As a part of a personal luggage can be considered the following:

  • personal jewellery
  • digital camera, with accessories
  • video camera and portable video-recorder with limited amount of video tapes
  • binocular
  • portable music instrument
  • portable device for recording and sound reproduction
  • portable radio
  • calculator
  • laptop
  • portable typewriter
  • pram (baby carriage)
  • carriage for dissabled person, orthopedic and technical instrument used by the disabled person during the journey
  • portable instrument for dialisys as instrument for its usability
  • tent and other camp equipment
  • sports gear and instruments (fishing, hiking and divind equipment, golf, bicycle, canue with width up to 5,50 meters, ski, 2 tennis rackets.

Goods to be declared

Macedonian or foreign citizens must declare:

  • goods for sale or commercial purposes;
  • goods not for sale or commercial purposes, but their total value exceeds 50 Euros;
  • prohibited or restricted goods for which special licences or certificates are required (drugs, weapons, animals, plant seeds, goods from plant or animal origin, etc.).

A Customs officer may ask you to show documents proving your statements/declaration (bills, licences, certificates, etc.).

Health Regulations For Animals

For those who wish to bring domestic animals into the country the following are required:

  • A 'Certificate of Origin' giving the health record of the animal. A 'Certificate of Health', issued not more than 15 days before the animal's entry into the country, stating that the animal is in good health and that it has been vaccinated against rabies.
  • Note: If you have an official certificate, you may bring one cat, one bird, one dog and 10 aquarium fish into the country.

Motorist Regulations

Foreigners who wish to enter the country with their vans, minibuses, automobiles, station wagons, bicycles, motorcycles, motorbikes, sidecars, buses, motor coaches, trailers, caravans or other transport vehicles, will have to provide the following documentation:

  • Passport of the owner or driver.
  • International driving license.
  • Authorization (document where all details related to the car and the owner's name are registered). If it is somebody else's vehicle a warrant of attorney should be provided.
  • International green card (Insurance card). The MK sign should be visible.

Try to get a good map of the Republic of Macedonia and/or try to be able to read Cyrillic letters. Although most street signs are printed in Cyrillic and Latin letters it can be helpful to have a little knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet, especially in small towns or villages.

In Case of Accident: The accident should be reported to the police. That report has to be certified by the nearest local authority. The owner should apply to the customs authority with his passport and report.

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