Deer leap bridge, Macedonia

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Elenski skok
Еленски скок

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Deer leap bridge

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Deer leap bridge

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elevation / altitude
675 meters
8.82 km from main square / Debar
latitude / longitude
41°32′33″N, 20°37′48″E

  about Deer leap bridge

The Deer jump bridge (Elenski skok), is built on the Garska river, very close to the Mogorche village, in Mavrovo-Rostuse municipality.
The bridge is just 600m. away from the Gostivar-Debar road and was built in the 16th-17th century.
According the local story, the local people have built this bridge, after unsuccessful jump of a deer, chased by the hunters. The dear has jumped at the location, but few inches were missing to jump over the river, so he broke his legs.
Impressed by the deer’s bravery and driven to catch that deer, the Bey honored the deer by building this bridge and had it built in the shape of a deer’s leap.
It is why the peasants named "leap of a deer (elenski skok)".

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