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Kosovraška banja (banja Kosovrasti - Debarska banja)
Косоврашка бања (бања Косоврасти - Дебарска бања)

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  • Debar spa - Kosovrasti

Debar spa - Kosovrasti

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Debar spa - Kosovrasti

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elevation / altitude
583 meters
4.28 km from main square / Debar
latitude / longitude
41°31′56″N, 20°34′39″E

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Guided tour, individual, access for invalids

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Kosovrasti spa is located east of Debar, by the Debar lake, at the distance of 8 km and at height of 585 meters above the sea level.
The mineral waters of the Kosovrasti spa resort in many small waterfalls and through numerous rocks used to flow into the river Radika.

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Debar spa Capa
1250 Dolno Kosovrasti
+389 (0)46 842 095
+389 (0)46 842 222
info [at] bdcapa [dot] com
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