Getting in Macedonia

Arriving by car or busGetting in Macedonia

Macedonia being landlocked in the central part of the Balkans, between Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania, is very easily accessed by car, bus, or daily trains from Belgrade and Salonika.

Getting in Macedonia by roads

  • There are two main routes that are passing through Macedonia.
  • The international highway E-75 (corridor 10 / north-south) runs north to south from Serbia to Greece.
  • Be sure to get to know the roads & pay tools in Macedonia, as well as the borders.

When travel to Macedonia by car or bus - get to know about driving regulations, reqired vehicle eqipment, or bus lines.

Getting in Macedonia by train

  • Macedonia is only accessible by railway from Serbia or Greece.
  • There are 2 daily international trains for Belgrade and Salonica/Thessaloniki.
  • Railroads towards Albania and Bulgaria are still in construction.

When travel to Macedonia by train - get to know aboit railway station & railway lines.

Getting in Macedonia by air

There are only two international airports in Republic of Macedonia.

  • Skopje - Alexander the Great Airport / Aerodrom Aleksandar Veliki (SKP)
  • Ohrid - St.Paul the Apostle Airport / Aerodrom Sveti Apostol Pavle (OHD)

If you can't find a direct flight to Skopje and Ohrid airports, you might consider, flying to Thessaloniki airport (Mikra) or Sophia airport, which are approx. 250 km away from Skopje.

When travel to Macedonia by airplane - get to know about airport services in Macedonia and tips on arrival/departure from the airports.

From London to both Skopje & Ohrid it takes approximately 5 hours, but unfortunatelly there are no direct flights. As an additional info, flying from Skopje to Ohrid takes 7 minutes (this is a info, not a line though).

Regulation when entering Macedonia

If you are a foreigner - get to know about amount of money allowed on entrance, customs, health and motorist regulations.

Visa requirement for Macedonia

Get to know if you need visa to enter Macedonia. Althought most of the E.U. and NATO membership countries do not require a visa, there are many other that do.