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  About Travel2Macedonia

WHAT IS is a macedonian portal & guide for promotion as a tourism destinations, as well as the offer of hotels, restaurants, travel guides & others

Our goals are:

  • Develop the tourism of Macedonia.
  • Using this portal the tourist can get to know more about Macedonia.
  • Promote the tourism of Macedonia, and,
  • Promote the businesses in the tourism area (hotels, restaurants, casinos, agencies, travel guides etc).
  • Providing the tourists in Macedonia a useful service when traveling to Macedonia.


  • is not a travel agency, and
  • therefore We cannot issue any visa documents for entry in Macedonia. For getting a Macedonian visa, please read here.
  • doesn't sell travel packages, it just connects the traveler with the offerer.
  • is not a marketing agency.
  • is not a real estate agency.

  • The most usefull medium to promote your business when occurs in connection with tourism & traveling.
  • 100% provided & targeted visitors.
  • Platform for hihg-quality promotion of your offer.

  • Current weather forecats - available for all destinations;
  • Learn Macedonian language, is a great advantage. A great introduction in Macedonian, for the first time travelers.
  • Send E-Cards. A great way to send your Regards from Macedonia.
  • Macedonia map. A great service helping you locate desired hotels & apartments, restaurants, sights, paytolls, airports, borders. PLANS IN FUTURE

  • Search engine optimization (SEO):,, etc ...
  • Becoming No. 1 tourism portal for Republic of Macedonia.
  • More marketing and more promotion of on foreign tourism fairs.