Debar spa, Banjiste spa

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Banja Banjište (Debarska banja)
Бања Бањиште (Дебарска бања)

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  • Debar spa - Banjiste

Debar spa - Banjiste

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Debar spa - Banjiste

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elevation / altitude
879 meters
3.89 km from main square / Debar
latitude / longitude
41°33′31″N, 20°31′50″E

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Guided tour, individual, access for invalids

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The powerful springs of the Debar spa-resort in Banjiste, with a total velocity if 70 l/s, are located northwest of Debar at a height of 880 m in the village Banjiste, which is very close to the border with Albania.
The Debar spa (Banjiste) resort is famous for its radioactivity and healing properties.

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Debar spa Capa
1250 Banjiste
+389 (0)46 831 092
+389 (0)46 832 680
info [at] bdcapa [dot] com
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