Daut Pasha's Amam

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Daut Pashin amam
Daut Pašin amam
Даут Пашин амам

  Cultural-historical heritage \ Public bath \ Skopje, Macedonia

  • Daut Pasha's Amam

Daut Pasha's Amam

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Daut Pasha's Amam

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elevation / altitude
250 meters
0.47 km from main square / Skopje
latitude / longitude
41°59′55″N, 21°26′9″E

  about Daut Pasha's Amam

Daut Pasha's Bath is one of the most prominent monuments of the Islamic profane architecture. The Turkish bath was built by the grand vizier of Rumelija, Daut Pasha in the 15th century. In the first time it was used for the needs of its harem, and later it served as a public bath.
Today, the Turkish bath is turned into an art gallery with a wide choice of Macedonian icons of the 14th to the 19th century, collective works of Macedonian artists - pictures, sculptures, graphics, and drawings and more recently in the rooms of the Turkish bath also concerts are held, promotions of books, theater performances with chamber orchestra etc.

  custodian / administrator

Cultural heritage protection office
ul. Gjuro Gjakovic br. 61, 1000 Skopje
+389 (0)2 3289 703
+389 (0)2 3289 777
contact [at] uzkn [dot] gov [dot] mk
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