Skopje old bazaar

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Stara Skopska čaršija
Стара Скопска чаршија

  Cultural-historical heritage \ Bazzar \ Skopje, Macedonia

  • Skopje Old bazaar
  • Skopje Old bazaar
  • Skopje Old bazaar
  • Skopje Old bazaar

Skopje Old bazaar
Skopje Old bazaar
Skopje Old bazaar
Skopje Old bazaar

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Skopje Old bazaar

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elevation / altitude
258 meters
0.80 km from main square / Skopje
latitude / longitude
42°0′6″N, 21°26′13″E

  about Skopje Old bazaar

On the left side of the river Vardar, in the ancient part of Skopje is the old Skopje bazaar. Up to the present time the bazaar has experienced several changes in respect of the appearance and the organization, but it has still kept the spirit of the past. In the small innumerable handicraft shops, the Skopje's handicraftsmen can still be seen, tailors, cobbler, quilt makers, shoe makers, tinsmiths etc.

The old market place is still alive and full with a vivid atmosphere which radiates from the small shops, coffee and tea rooms which are always full with tourists which are delighted from the appearance and the life of this part of the city. Today most of these crafts are produced in factories, so only a few of the craftsmen remained keeping their jobs. Most of the shops here are for clothing, shoes, jewelries, restaurants, cafe-bars and tea-bars.

The Old Skopje Bazaar as a larger district include several cultural-historical monuments. Most of them are restored like: St. Spas church, Mustapha Pasha mosque, Čifte Amam, Daut Pasha Amam (amam-bath), Kapan An, Suli An, Kuršumli An (An-Inn). This district is one of the oldest in the city. Every corner here, tells his own history.

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