Skopje | things to do

Skopje | things to doSkopje | things to do

Entertainment and nightlife in Skopje

Skopje is a city of half a million inhabitants, Skopje’s nightlife is pretty great. There is a huge emphasis on casinos here, many of which are associated with hotels. For a slot, poker, or roulette fix, other options include Helios Metropol, Olympic, Bon Venon, and Sherry, among others.

For bars, discos, and nightclubs, the downtown and the City Park neighborhoods are good bets. The most popular nightclubs/discotques are Colosseum, Hard Rock, Cartel, Maracana (rock), where top DJ’s and idiosyncratic local performance are frequent.

Nighttime concerts in world music are often held at the City Stadium, which sports the team’s soccer, and the capital’s Universal Hall boasts the most in local and international artists.

For those who are more abstinent but equally awake, there are plenty of unique coffee shops, blending Italian and Turkish beans well into the wee hours. Café Trend, La Café, and Blue Café are all popular joints.

Events and Festivals in Skopje

The city of Skopje being a capital has a rich cultural life and it's a seat of many cultural and governmental institutions, like: the Macedonian Academy Sciense and Arts; Macedonian National Theatre and it's Drama, Opera and Ballet companies, the Drama Theatre; Philharmonic of Macedonia, several culture and scientifical institutions, as well as host of the: International Skopje Jazz Festival, Zlatna Bubamara of popularity, 12 Magnificient, TAKSIRAT, Skopje Gori as well as many others.

Skopje Cultural Summer Festival

This is one of the greatest, most varied and longest cultural events in Macedonia. The Skopje Cultural Summer Festival is a member of the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA). In the 30 days of intense cultural and artistic life, during “the off-season season” (held from June 21-July 21 in Skopje, before an audience of more than 50 thousand), it includes musical concerts, operas, ballets and plays, art and photo-exhibitions, an attractive film programme, avant-garde performances and multimedia projects, alongside projects of its own production and numerous foreign guests.

Linden Festival

In 1997 the Writers Association of Macedonia organized an international poetry festival, which it called The Linden Festival Since then it has become an on-going event, held every year in Skopje in early June, when the linden trees are in blossom. The festival bestows two major awards for poetic achievement: the Literary Sceptre for Macedonian poets, and the Literary Sceptre for foreign poets.

Skopje Jazz Festival

The Skopje Jazz Festival is a leading music event in the Republic of Macedonia with a tradition of 22 years and an excellent reputation in Europe and around the world. It is regarded as one of the best jazz festivals in Europe. The event was established in 1982 by a group of jazz enthusiasts from Skopje. The festival is held every year in the third week of October, over five or six consecutive days. The program­mes have included performances of all jazz styles

May Opera Evenings

Has been held in Skopje since 1972. Since then the MOE has developed as a music event dedicated to opera and making opera more popular among the public. It has evolved into a stage on which artists from some 50 countries across the globe have performed with distinction to high international standards. Participating in all the performances of the MOE, which is an exceptional challenge for any professional, the Opera Company of the Macedonian National Theatre (with the regular assistance of the Theatre’s Ballet Company) has grown into an ensemble of high international ranking.

The Open Youth Theatre Festival

In May 1976 a group of young enthusiasts founded the Open Youth Theatre Festival (MOT) in Skopje. More than 250 theatrical performances have been presented at this festival so far, most of them by alternative, experimental theatre groups engaging young writers and actors. On the territory of the former Yugoslavia, the Open Youth Theatre was a festival in which everyone wished to take part and display their talent. Recently, the Open Youth Theatre became a member of the Brussels Informal European Theatre Meeting (IETM), a network of 250 world theatre festivals, institutes and companies.

Shopping in Skopje

One of the most exciting shopping experiences in Skopje is the Old Bazzar (Stara Charshija). Here you can find traditional goos, local crafts and souvernirs as well. However if you prefer shopping at malls you can, easily find Gradski, Ramstore, Bunjakovec malls and many beaitiful shops in the downtown. Payments are credit card included in most shops in the city.