Tzarevi Kuli fortress

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Carevi Kuli
Цареви Кули

  Cultural-historical heritage \ Citadel/Fortress \ Strumica, Macedonia

  • Tzarevi Kuli fortress
  • Tzarevi Kuli fortress
  • Tzarevi Kuli fortress
  • Tzarevi Kuli fortress

Tzarevi Kuli fortress
Tzarevi Kuli fortress
Tzarevi Kuli fortress
Tzarevi Kuli fortress

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Tzarevi Kuli fortress

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elevation / altitude
318 meters
0.91 km from main square / Strumica
latitude / longitude
41°25′52″N, 22°38′2″E

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Guided tour, individual

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The fortress was built right near Strumica, and remains are visible today.
Tzarevi Kuli is a fortress from the late ancient period. Tzarevi Kuli (Tzar Towers) fortress is located on the southern side of Strumica. It has 100 square meters and is oriented east-west.
The Tzar's Towers are located on the hill overlooking Strumica. They are the remains of a medieval fortress from the 11th-12th century, that was extended during the 12th-14th century. There is not much left over from this once so powerful fortress. The only well visible remains are the so-called Pirg Tower, the main tower of the fortress where the commander of the fortress stayed. The lower floor was a water tanker filled with atmospheric water.
The other major remains are from the west entrance tower or gate, and another huge water tanker in the middle of the fortressAt the City Hall of Strumica we got an interesting booklet called "One the way of ancestors" describing the Tzar's Towers in very much detail.
You can reach to Tzar's Towers via an asphalt road by car, or climb very steeply uphill from the foot path that is close to restaurant Loven Dom to the antenna on top of the hill.
We made a detour and took the path from Loven Dom and walked first 2.5 km to the Monastery of St Ilija. From there we walked over a 4x4 track that leads to the asphalt road to the Tzars Tower.

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Strumica Museum
27-mi Mart 2, 2400 Strumica
+389 (0)34 345 925
info [at] strumica [dot] gov [dot] mk
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