Strumica | things to do

Strumica | things to doStrumica | things to do

Entertainment and nightlife in Strumica

Strumica is famous for its night life.

It has some of the best night clubs in the country on "Lebljebedzijska" Street near the Strumica square. For daily cafe drink it is recomendet to visit City Cafe who's in Global Trade Center, Select Cafe and cult cafe bar 19. Go and see the huge Global Trade Center, one of the biggest trade center in Balkans.

Events and Festivals in Strumica

The Strumica Carnival

One of the most important custom and tradition of such kind in Macedonia.

The Strumica Carnival is traditionally held each year within the Trimeri days. The beginning of the fast or the first three days are called "Trimeri" days and they always begin on Sunday Eve of Forgiveness and last until Wednesday, within these days that is to say on Tuesday is the traditional carnival night, when masked groups stroll through the town and got to the homes where there are engaged girls and stay until the early morning hours.

Shopping in Strumica

Strumica in the past few year has become a leading city in the region. Countless small businesses were opened - the city is opened for visitors.

Health and care in Strumica

Banjsko spa resort

The Banjsko spa-resort has an artificial lake 8 km, from the spa-resort. The waters emerging from the springs of the Bansko spa are considered the hottest in Macedonia.

Their temperature reaches 720C. They assist in the treatment of diseases of the digestive organs, breathing, lung, different rheumatic and intestinal diseases, all gynecological diseases, disorders of the nervous system, sterility, and rehabilitation after heart attacks.