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Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation
Banja Banjsko
Бања Бањско

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Banjsko spa

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Banjsko spa

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elevation / altitude
271 meters
11.62 km from main square / Strumica
latitude / longitude
41°22′58″N, 22°45′17″E

Banjsko, 2400 Strumica
+389 (0)34 377 169
+389 (0)34 377 169
info [at] zavodbansko [dot] com [dot] mk

  about Banjsko spa

The spa is located at the height of 270 m at the bottom of the mountain Belasica, 12 km southeast from Strumica.
Orrographically it belongs to the north slope of mountain Belasica which has general east-west spreading. There are layers from the time of the old Paleozoic, neogen and qarter in the geological construction of the field. The place tectonically belongs to Macedonian-Serbian tectonic massif, i.e. to Belasica’s fissure 45 km. long in east-west direction with a discent towards north under angle of 65º, and along its length there are parceled zones and millionits. All this influenced the springs of thermal water.
The Banjsko spa-resort has an artificial lake 8 km, from the spa-resort. The waters emerging from the springs of the Banjsko spa are considered the hottest in Macedonia.
Their temperature reaches 720C. They assist in the treatment of diseases of the digestive organs, breathing, lung, different rheumatic and intestinal diseases, all gynecological diseases, disorders of the nervous system, sterility, and rehabilitation after heart attacks.

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