Isar, Marvinci

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Isar - Marvinci
Исар - Марвинци

  Cultural-historical heritage \ Finding sight \ Valandovo, Macedonia

  • Isar Marvinci
  • Isar Marvinci
  • Isar Marvinci

Isar Marvinci
Isar Marvinci
Isar Marvinci

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Isar Marvinci

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elevation / altitude
124 meters
7.04 km from main square / Valandovo
latitude / longitude
41°16′39″N, 22°29′38″E

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Individual / with guide.

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The discovered "stadium" milestone from the 3rd or the beginning of the 2rd century BC leads to the conclusion that the name of the city was Idomene, who belonged to the southern Macedonian area called Amphacsitida. The archeological site contains remnants of a temple, dated from 181 BC and designed according to the Roman concept, dedicated to the Roman emperor Comodus.
The archeological findings are dated from the Bronze Age to the late Antiquity, and are especially significant in clarifying the culture of Payonia in the Pre - Roman time.

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