Roman bath, Banjsko, Strumica

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Rimska banja Banjsko
Римска бања Бањско

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  • Banjsko Roman bath
  • Banjsko Roman bath
  • Banjsko Roman bath

Banjsko Roman bath
Banjsko Roman bath
Banjsko Roman bath

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Banjsko Roman bath

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elevation / altitude
280 meters
11.61 km from main square / Strumica
latitude / longitude
41°22′57″N, 22°45′15″E

visiting Banjsko Roman bath
Guided tour, individual

  about Banjsko Roman bath

The village Bansko is located 12 km. South-east from Strumica, south-east Macedonia. The east end of the village, the place where the spring of thermo-mineral water is, is know by the name "Bath" among the local population, a thermal healing spa from late antiquity.
The archeological digging on the Late-Roman thermal spa has begun in 1978 and continues, with short interruptions, till today. Till the year 2002 it was managed by Jovan Ananiev, a counselor archeologist from the Institute and Museum – Strumica. Unfortunately, his early death stopped him finishing his researches. With the last campaign we’ve covered about 1,500 sq. km. where a well-preserved Late – Roman thermal spa was discovered.
Archaeological excavations have revealed 10 well preserved quarters.

  custodian / administrator

Cultural heritage protection office
Museum Strumica
+389 (0)34 345 925
info [at] strumica [dot] gov [dot] mk
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