Via Egnatia, Radozda

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VIa Egnacija
Виа Егнација

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  • Via Egnatia road

Via Egnatia road

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Via Egnatia road

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elevation / altitude
745 meters
9.39 km from main square / Struga
latitude / longitude
41°6′2″N, 20°37′57″E

  about Via Egnatia road

If you walk through the village you will see amazing old trees (some well over 7 centuries old) which in summer are pressing with murenki fruits and in their vicinity remains of an old road. These plates are remains of the legendary Roman road - Via Egnatia, which led from the Adriatic Sea up to the Black Sea, telling untold stories about the life of Radozda village in the past.
The ancient Roman main road Via Egnatia passed in Macedonia as well.
Remains if it, are still visible 300 meters western from Radozda village on the Jablanica mountain.
Via Egnatia was made of well decorated blocks with dimensions 2.5 x 3 meters. The Via Egnatia remains are well preserved and have a trace of 100 meters with 5 stops (31-4-19-19-21) and then gets lost in the vegetation.

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