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Radozda village

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Radozda village

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elevation / altitude
707 meters
9.02 km from main square / Struga
latitude / longitude
41°6′14″N, 20°38′0″E

visiting Radozda village
After you switch of for Kalista, pass Elen Kamen settlement and Livadista camping, there is Radozda.

  about Radozda village

The rare coastal jewel of Macedonia - Radozda is a place that leaves people breathless, returns the calmness and the ability to become one with the nature. Furthermore bringing smile on your face due to the hospitality offered by the local people.

Unlike the highly commercialised, Pestani and Trpejca, Radozda is mentioned only in the more intimate circles of friends who jealously guard this untouched piece of paradise in Macedonia.

Centuries-old recipes to which they are still preparing the Ohrid trout, and fresh salad and The Gjomleze are a holiday not only for your eyes but for the stomach as well!

When visiting Radozda, a visitor should pay attention to:
Saint Archangel Michael cave church and
remains of Via Egnatia

Radozda - little history
Radozda is about 10 centuries old, but written evidence can be found from documents of the “Dushanovata Charter” from 1342 to 1345 under the name Radobuzhda.

The village was established in mountain meadows about a mile to the west. But the proximity of the lake as an important source of food has forced villagers to move into the coast line to form the new settlement.

If you ask people from Radozda about the name of their village, you will hear many theories, but their favourite one is the one that the name comes from the local dialect that means - birth. And not by accident! If you “early bird”, on the opposite side where you see Ohrid in the distance. In the early morning hours just over Galicica the first sun rays begin to appear, and the lake receives a magical golden-yellow colour that suggests a new day!
So take a break, while in Macedonia. Visit the beautiful village of Radozda and enjoy the amalgam of nature and hospitality. (text by: Leon Bakraceski)

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