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Struga | things to doStruga | things to do

Events and festivals in Struga

Struga Poetry Evenings

Held in the second half of August for over 40 years now. There are two rewards given, one for lifetime achievement, and one for a young poet (if you have just published your first book of poetry send it to UNESCO, as they decide who gets this award).

Vevcani Carnival

The carnival itself is actually a tradition under masks, which is called Sveti Vasilja (Vasilica). It is held on the 13th and 14th of Januar yeach year and is dedicated to St. Vasilius The Great. On that day the arrival of the New (orthodox) Year is awaited and the old year is sent away. This is actually a pagan tradition which is preserved here until today. The participants in it are called "vasilicari". The masks can be traditional or of modern day.