Vevcani, Macedonia

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  • Vevcani village
  • Vevcani village

Vevcani village
Vevcani village

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Vevcani village

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elevation / altitude
869 meters
10.05 km from main square / Struga
latitude / longitude
41°14′24″N, 20°35′32″E

visiting Vevcani village
The area is open for tourists.

  about Vevcani village

Vevcani is located at the foot of the Jablanica Mountain, and 14 kilometres away from the Ohrid Lake and the town.
You can reach Vevcani by bus or by another vehicle. Check out the famous springs of Vevcani, the local styled architecture.

  custodian / administrator

Municipality of Vevcani
Info centar, 6335 Vevčani
infocentarvevcani [at] gmail [dot] com
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