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Gorna Belica village

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Gorna Belica village

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elevation / altitude
1,397 meters
11.44 km from main square / Struga
latitude / longitude
41°13′27″N, 20°33′26″E

  about Gorna Belica village

The village of Gorna Belica (1,600 meters above the sea level) can be reached by driving, biking or walking from Struga, or by hiking from Vevcani.
Nowadays, this village is almost abandoned, although some residents visit on weekends and holidays. The church of St. Petka is undergoing restoration, but the two ladies are happy to tell its story and that of the saint. The owners of some of the cottages offer accommodation in their homes, and there is a modern hotel in the center of the village.
The legends says that St. Clement used to spend his vacation here in the past.

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