Slivnica monastery, Prespa

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Manastir Slivnica
Манастир Сливница

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Slivnica monastery

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Slivnica monastery

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elevation / altitude
1,246 meters
14.49 km from main square / Resen
latitude / longitude
40°58′41″N, 21°6′2″E

  about Slivnica monastery

Among the treasure of cultural monuments in the region of Prespa is the monastery Mother of God in the vicinity of village Slivnica.
The monastery complex comprises the church, the renovated and carefully designed lodgings, situated in the big monastery court. By the church, there is a spring of holy water, of which miraculous and healing properties people speak with admiration.
The church Mother of God is positioned on an oblong basis, in the shape of an inscribed cross, with a dome and a semi-circular apse, five-sided from the outside.
Above the west entrance from the inner side of the church there is an inscription that says that it was built and fresco-painted in the times of the abbot Nikanur, in the year 1607g. As donors of the church are noted several people, among whom especially prominent is Mihailo Petkov from Bitola, whose son Kupen (who died in 1599), is depicted on the north side of the altar apse, attired in ceremonial clothes.
Five years after the church was built, the dome-covered narthex was built and fresco-painted, and in the year 1645 parts of the old fresco-decoration were renovated and repainted, and in the 19th century, the closed porch and the wooden bell-tower were built again.
The fresco-decoration in the church is a work of several masters who all have their individual characteristics. Among them, the name of the zograph Nikola is noted in the inscription in the niche over the west entrance, where the composition Mother of God with Christ is painted. Most probably, the frescoes on the west facade is work of this zograph.
The Great Cross and the Deisis plate are preserved in this church. The Royal Doors and the throne icons originate from the 16th century.

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