Prespa Lake

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Prespansko Ezero
Преспанско Езеро

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  • Prespa Lake
  • Prespa Lake
  • Prespa Lake

Prespa Lake
Prespa Lake
Prespa Lake

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Prespa Lake

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  location & map Prespa Lake

elevation / altitude
841 meters
18.60 km from main square / Resen
latitude / longitude
40°55′22″N, 21°0′56″E

  about Prespa Lake

The Prespa lake is second largest lake in Macedonia. The Prespa lake is settled in the south-western part of the Republic of Macedonia and lies in the Prespa valley, between the Resen field and Baba, Suva Gora and Galicica mountain. South - eastern of the lake Golem Grad is the point that connect the Macedonian - Greek - Albanian border.

The lake of Prespa covers and area of 274 sq km, of which 176,8 sq km are in Macedonia, 49,4 sq km are in Albania and 47,8 sq km are in Greece. Prespa lake lies of an attitude of 853 above the sea level.

The Prespa lake is contained from Golema Prespa and Mala Prespa and the second one Mala Prespa as a gulf, deeply enters in south-west between the Suva Gora and Galicica mountain. The length of the Prespa lake is 28,6 km and the width is 16,9 km. The approximately depth of the Prespa lake is 18,75 meters and the deepest point is at Golubino depression, 54 meters. On the bottom of the lake there are more depressions like, Nivicka, Konjska and Stenjska. The coast of the western part of the lake is fill of cliffs, while the eastern part of fill of beautiful sand beaches.

Prespa lake, as part of Galicica National Park, its rare plant and animal life that have been preserved through the centuries, are strictly protected. Boat trips may be taken around the island, and escorted land trips are available under the auspices of the park authorities. The Prespa lake, most important water sources are, Golema Reka, Brajcinska Reka and Kranska and the Malo Prespa lake, that is 3 meters above the Golemo Prespa lake. So through the place Perovo the water from the Malo Prespa lake flows, in the Golemo Prespa lake.

The water of the Prespa lake has it's highest temperature in August, 24,3 degrees, while in the winter is the coldest and sometimes may freeze. The color of the water is variable yellow-green and heavenly blue.

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