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Smilevo village

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Smilevo village

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elevation / altitude
932 meters
10.73 km from main square / Demir Hisar
latitude / longitude
41°9′12″N, 21°6′43″E

  about Smilevo village

Try to visit this historical village, which is few kilometers south-west of the town. Here, a meeting was held and the decision was made for beginning of the Ilinden uprising in 1903. Memorial Museum was opened at the spot where the famous Smilevo Congress was held.
In the ethnology room there is a presentation of the material cultural heritage of the village of Smilevo, such as the national folk dress like bridal dress, older women's attire and man's attire.
According to its characteristics these examples of national dress belong to the Mijak-Debar attire and count as the most distinctive folk attires. Another segment of this presentation is the household, presented by the built-in cupboards, fireplace, low table, trunk used in common life. All these presented items are from Smilevo.

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