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Ski centar Pelister
Ски центар Пелистер

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Pelister ski resort

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Pelister ski resort

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elevation / altitude
1,533 meters
9.42 km from main square / Bitola
latitude / longitude
41°2′7″N, 21°13′19″E

  about Pelister ski resort

The Pelister ski-resort is located on the mountain Baba, within the Pelister national park.
The variable climatic conditions are dependent on height. The higher areas have a continental climate, while above 1,800 m the climate is mountain. Above 2,400 m the mountain climate gains Alpine characteristics.
The average air temperature is 1,30C to 2,30C. Because of such a climate, during the entire winter, until April, the slopes of the mountain Baba are covered with deep snow. All this creates ideal conditions for the development of winter tourism.
At the height of 1,610 m, the mountaineering house "Kopanki" is situated with the capacity of 100 beds. The ski slopes are 2,000 m long. A two-seater cable car (chairlift) proceeds 680 m to the ski slopes. The centre possesses 4 ski-lifts:
* The "Izvidnica", with a starting point at the height of 1,600 m and returning point at 1,800 meters;
* The "Pioneer", with a starting point at 1,270 m and returning point at 1,380 meters;
* The two "Ciciban" ski lifts, with a starting point at 1,200 m and returning point at 1,20 meters.

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