Prosek (Stenae) old town

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Prosek (Stenae)
Просек (Стенае)

  Cultural-historical heritage \ Ancient town \ Demir Kapija, Macedonia

  • Prosek (Stenae) old town

Prosek (Stenae) old town

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Prosek (Stenae) old town

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elevation / altitude
248 meters
1.66 km from main square / Demir Kapija
latitude / longitude
41°24′25″N, 22°15′48″E

  about Prosek (Stenae) old town

Prosek (Stenae) is an ancient town located in the Demir Kapija canyon, which had an excellent strategical and war position.
Prosek (Stenae) was discovered in 1948. Some things that have been found here include four towers that remain standing today, many ceramic objects, jewelery, coins, and a few acropoli and neocropolis.
Later in the medieval period, Stenae was known under the name Prosek, and was ruled by Dobromir Strez.

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