Demir Kapija | things to do

Demir Kapija | things to doDemir Kapija | things to do

Sport and recreation in Demir Kapija

Hiking in Demir Kapija

Demir Kapija is an outdoors haven for sports and recreational activities. Alpinists, hikers, splonkers, kaykers, and mountain bikers can all find challenging or moderate game amongst the rocks of the Iron Gate. The Iron Gate is the name of the rock opening formation the river Vardar flows through into the canyon from. Mountaineers often enjoy hiking the area for their favorite tea plants.

Rock climbing in Demir Kapija

Alpinists climb the rock towers to see the most impressive view of the canyon beyond. Trails are also made to hike to these points, as well as to the remains of the aforementioned ruins of the fortress Prosek.

Possibly the most interesting hike, noted in The Bradt Guide to Macedonia, is the stopping point between the 2 tunnels on the highway. Parking exists, and it is very interesting walking along the small river between 2 rock faces, like an open-ended cave.

Kayaking in Demir Kapija

The national and regional Kayak competitions were held here because of the natural rapids formed by the river into the canyon.