Polog monastery, Tikves

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Pološki manastir
Полошки манастир

  Sacred heritage \ Monastery \ Kavadarci, Macedonia

  • Polog monastery
  • Polog monastery
  • Polog monastery

Polog monastery
Polog monastery
Polog monastery

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Polog monastery

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  location & map Polog monastery

elevation / altitude
283 meters
14.15 km from main square / Kavadarci
latitude / longitude
41°18′41″N, 21°57′59″E

visiting Polog monastery
Located on the shore of Tikves lake, the area can be accessed by boat only.

  about Polog monastery

On the shore of the Tikves lake (very close to Pravednik village) is the Monastery Polog and the church St. Gjorgi, a significant monument of culture from 14th century richly decorated with frescoes.
Built in the first half of 14th century, 20 km southwest of Kavadarci, in the foothills of Mount Visesnica, nowadays it is on the left bank of Tikves Lake.
It is assumed that it dates back to 9th century because the architectural style is very similar to the architectural style of the churches of Ohrid.
Church, standing alone in the beautifully arranged rose garden, was built in a shape of naval construction, with a dome on eight-sided tambour and three-apse from outside. The church is made of stone and bricks, with a nave and porch. The interior of the church is entirely picturesque. It is famous for its 14 century frescos, and even more for the church chandeliers carved in wood, dating from 1492, which is the oldest dated woodcut in Macedonia.
Very impressive is the large iconostasis cross with crucifixion made of wood carving in 1584. The throne icons of St. Mary (St. Bogorodica) dating from 1649, "Jesus Christ – the Savoir with the apostles”, from the beginning of 16 century, as well as the royal gates originating from the end of the century, are of great value.

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