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  location & map Stobi

elevation / altitude
140 meters
24.23 km from main square / Veles
latitude / longitude
41°33′10″N, 21°58′30″E

E-75 Highway (Gradsko junction)
+389 (0)43 251 026
contact [at] stobi [dot] mk

visiting Stobi
Individual, guided tour. Easily accessed from the E-75 highway.

  about Stobi

Stobi was first mentioned in the year of 197 BC by Livius. According to him, Stobi is located on the flow of river Crna into Vardar, where Philip 5th king of Macedonia, defeated the Dardanians. According the archeologists Stobi was founded during Hellenistic period. In 148BC Macedonia was turned into a Roman province. Stobi develops during the period of Augustus (31 BC-14 AD). Stobi was given a status as municipal sealt in 69 AD and got it’s city coins - Municipium Stobensium. The citizens of Stobi enjoyed Ius Italicum and were citizens of Rome, and belonged to the tribes Aemila and Tromentina. The early and the late Roman period are the best periods of the Stobi history. Findings include: a Grand Palace, which contains beautiful frescoes, as well as the temple of Nemezis in the theatre. Stobi citizens have also respected Higia and Telesfor, Artemida Lohia, Apolon Clarious, Jupiterius, Dionisius and Hera.

The most important monument from the Roman time is the theatre, built in the 3rd century AD. In the early Christian period Stobi was, also important town. Stobi was episcopacy seat from 325 AD, when the episcope Budius took part in the Nikeius gathering. Stobi got it’s first churches during the 4th- 5th century known for their interior, featured by mosaics and frescoes. Mosaics can be found also in a private luxury buildings from the late ancient time, such as Palaces of Theodosius, Policharmosius and Peristerius. Later, Stobi became capital of the Roman provice - Macedonia Salutaris. The Roman Emperor Theodosius 1st, stayed in Stobi in 388 AD.

Stobi in the 3rd century had a Jewish community, when Policharmosius built sinanoga which was destroyed in the time of Theodosius 1st visiting in 388. In the second half of the 5th century the disasters of Stobi, have begun. In 479 AD, the town was robbed by Theodor the Ostrogothic king. A powerful earthquake struck down in 518 AD. The Avaro-Slavic invasions in the 6th century have totally ruined Stobi. In 1014 Stobi was ruined again, by the Byzantine army of Vasilius 2nd.

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