Pesna cave

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Peštera Pešna
Пештера Пешна

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  • Pesna cave
  • Pesna cave

Pesna cave
Pesna cave

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Pesna cave

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elevation / altitude
563 meters
4.56 km from main square / Mak. Brod
latitude / longitude
41°32′57″N, 21°14′30″E

  about Pesna cave

The Pesna cave is located on the road between Makedonski Brod and Samokov. People believe that Pesna was one of the sisters of Krale Marko. She used to live in the cave and could from there see her sister Deva, the other sister of Krale Marko that used to live in the Devini Kuli fortress next to Pesna.
The cave as described in New York Times, is identical as the imagined caves in the trilogy Lord of the Rings.

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