Feudal tower

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Feudalna kula
Феудална кула

  Cultural-historical heritage \ Other \ Skopje, Macedonia

  • Feudal tower
  • Feudal tower

Feudal tower
Feudal tower

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Feudal tower

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elevation / altitude
250 meters
0.21 km from main square / Skopje
latitude / longitude
41°59′38″N, 21°25′54″E

Makedonija Str. 1000 Skopje

visiting Feudal tower
Free to visit.

  about Feudal tower

The feudal tower of Skopje makes part of the House of ARM, the unique preserved monument in the new part of the city, by the monument of "Mother Teresa". The time when it was built and the one who built it are not known. Most probably it is a feudal tower of some Turkish bay. Today it is in good conditions.

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Mother Teresa Foundation
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