Saint Nikola Gerakomija church

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Crkva Sveti Nikola Gerakomija
Црква Свети Никола Геракомија

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  • Saint Nikola Gerakomija church

Saint Nikola Gerakomija church

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Saint Nikola Gerakomija church

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elevation / altitude
706 meters
0.37 km from main square / Ohrid
latitude / longitude
41°6′44″N, 20°47′42″E

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The church St. Nikola, know also as Gerakomija (by the beginning of this century in the neighborhood of this church there was a nursing home) is located in the immediate environment of the church St. Sofia in Ohrid.
For the first time this church was mentioned in the list of Kozma Kitijski in 1694. The current building dates from 19th century and the same is built in a form of three naves basilica with columns. The central nave has three cupola arches and the side naves are arched.
In the interior of the church there is an iconostasis dating from 1862, work of woodcarving group from Debar's county villages. The iconostasis is partly gilded and decorated with flora elements and painted with figures of saints.
Icons in this church, the throne ones as well as the festive ones that are part of this iconostasis are work of Dico Zograph from village of Tresonce. His deeds are also the frescoes painted in the interior of the church. Here we must mention the rear presentation of St.Virgin Marry in the cupola where she is painted as Queen of Havens with golden crown on the head and with wings.
In the church there is a collection of icons dated from 14th to 19th century.

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Macedonian Orthodox Church
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