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Entertainment in Ohrid

There are a few different natural beaches, usually the further from the city center the more scenic they become, and each offers a unique beach experience. Beaches are most crowded in July and August, and quiet the rest of the year, which is a whole different experience.

  • Gradiste beach is known for many young people and music for instance, while others have families or tranquil atmosphere (parties are being held at nights).
  • Lagadin beach - beach bars and music;
  • Pestani beach - beach along the Pestani coast;
  • Sveti Stefan beach - beach bars and music;
  • Trpejca beach - isolated in the Trpejca village with tranquil and calm athmosphere;
  • Ljubanista beach - isolated in the Ljubanista village with tranquil and calm athmosphere (parties are being held at nights);
  • Sveti Zaum beach - accessible by boat only & located between Pestani and Trpejca.

Events & Festivals in Ohrid

Ohrid Summer Festival

The Ohrid Summer Festival is one of the largest and most important music and drama festivals in Macedonia. The first concert took place in 1961 in the church of St. Sophia, with its exceptional acoustics. The festival in Ohrid has a particular international flavour because of the participation of a large number of leading musicians and ensembles from the best known European and world music centers. There have been participants from 44 countries. This Festival has a solid reputation as it has gradually become part of the large family of the most famous European music festival. The Ohrid Summer Festival has its own sound conceptions, and it is able to draw up a musical program that includes artists of world renown. The Ohrid Summer Festival is held each year from July 12 to August 20.

Ohrid Swimming Marathon

Each year, in the second half of July, the swimming elite throughout the world gathers in Ohrid and, starting from the monastery St. Naum, they swim along the Lakeshore to the town harbour, approximately a 30-km route. Since 1998 the Ohrid Swimming Marathon has entered in the World Swimming Club of the 12 worldwide held marathons under the patronage of FINA-The World Swimming Association.

The Balkan Folklore Festival

Member of the UNESCO Association of The International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folklore Art, and The International Organization for Folklore Art. This festival has so far presented numerous original songs and dances from folk culture for more than 30 years. About 1,200 ensembles with 42,000 members have taken part in the festival.

Shopping in Ohrid

Traditional souvernis

Macedonian musical instruments, filigree jewelery, woodcarvings, items made from copper, or a CD with authentic Macedonian music, can be brought home to refresh your memories of your visit. The Talevi and Filevi are two Ohrid families who make genuine Ohrid pearl necklaces, earrings and broaches; they carried over this handcraft down from one generation to another. Ohrid pearl is created from the fish called Plasica.