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Jeni dzamija - Kadi Mehmed efendi
Јени џамија - Кади Мехмед ефенди

  Sacred heritage \ Mosque \ Bitola, Macedonia

  • Jeni mosque
  • Jeni mosque
  • Jeni mosque

Jeni mosque
Jeni mosque
Jeni mosque

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Jeni mosque

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elevation / altitude
615 meters
0.08 km from main square / Bitola
latitude / longitude
41°1′50″N, 21°20′5″E

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Built in 1558 by Kadi Mahmud Efendi, the diameter of the dome is 19 meters, and the minaret is 39 meters high.
Christian and Muslim, mine and yours, common… Deep inside the foundations - a church, height up to the sky - a mosque. Blue and white in the interior, blue and white toward the sky.
Khadi Mehmed effendi Mosque or known as the Jeni Mosque was built in 1558/59. According to its appearance this mosque is one of the most impressive and maybe most valuable buildings in Bitola. With the diameter of the dome is 19 meters and a minaret that is about 39m high, it rises up to the sky.
The massive wooden doors are the most dominant element at first sight. But when they open up, a different story will lay out in front of our eyes. The enclosed porch will welcome us with its calmness and whispers to us about thousands of believers that had spoken their prayers here. The second wooden door with a shallow carved decoration will lead us to the prayer space, to the mosque itself.
Jeni mosque houses the city art galery. Yeni means "new" in Turkish.

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