Koco Racin memorial house

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Spomen kukja na Kočo Racin
Спомен куќа на Кочо Рацин

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  • Koco Racin memorial house

Koco Racin memorial house

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Koco Racin memorial house

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elevation / altitude
222 meters
0.35 km from main square / Veles
latitude / longitude
41°42′48″N, 21°46′52″E

  about Koco Racin memorial house

Koco Racin (Kosta Solev) (1908-1943) was a Macedonian revolutionary and poet, who is considered a founder of modern Macedonian literature.

Born in Veles in 1908 to a poor family, Ratcin was encouraged by his parents to study art and literature His father Apostol was a poor potter who taught Ratcin the pottery trade. In his youth, Ratcin participated in the progressive movement that propagated a Communist ideology.

In May 1943, Ratcin joins to the workers party in the same time when he published his first anthology of the folk songs dedicated to liberation of Macedonia. Kosta Solev Ratcin was killed on June the 13, 1943. Today, important institutions and international manifestations carry his name. The anthology White dawns is foreseen also in the Golden Library of chosen European books which is an UNESCO initiative.

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