Kratovo towers

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Kratovski kuli
Кратовски кули

  Cultural-historical heritage \ Architecture \ Kratovo, Macedonia

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Kratovo towers

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Kratovo towers

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elevation / altitude
621 meters
0.10 km from main square / Kratovo
latitude / longitude
42°4′43″N, 22°10′46″E

  about Kratovo towers

Only 6 of 12 medieval towers of the city have been preserved to the present day. The time of the construction of those towers has not been established yet, but their architectural style and the ornamentation used, indicate that those construction originate from the period of the Turkish rule. The more significant towers in Kratovo, are the Simiceva tower, Emin-Bey, the clock tower, the Zlatkova, Krsteva and the Hadzi-Kostova tower.
The most imposant of them is the Simikjeva tower, located in Dolna Maala district, built in the distant 1370 AD.

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