Stip | how to get in Stip - Stip transport


Stip | how to get in Stip - Stip transportStip | how to get in Stip - Stip transport

Stip driving directions

Arriving & departing in Stip

Stip is just 40 km from Veles and E-75 motorway, while from Skopje is 86 km and from Gevgelija 118km.

It's accessible from Strumica, Negotino, Veles and Kumanovo junctions as well. Have in mind that traveling for Stip using the road through Strumica or Veles, that this road is in very bad condition.

Stip by plane

Stip does not have an aiport, but however - the Skopje airport Alexander The Great Airport (SKP) is located near Petrovec, in the eastern Skopje plain, some 76 km east of Skopje.

Stip by train (railway)

The train station is located in the northern suburb Zheleznichka provides links to Kocani in the east, and Veles and Skopje to the west.

Stip by bus

The suburbs of Babi, Senjak, Prebeg, Makedonka, Kezhovica, etc. are served by a fleet of municipal buses running 7 days a week an connecting several locations in the Stip center with the suburbs.

The inter-city services are provided by the public transportation company Balkan Ekspres which has connections to all cities in Republic of Macedonia as well as some neighboring countries.

Stip transport

There is a large fleet of private taxi vehicles in Stip, with very competitive prices. The public transport is organized in suburban services and inter-city.