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Vinica | history & cultureVinica | history & culture

Vinica in antiquity

According to the sources, the life in Vinica exist since the Iron ages (8th-6th century BC) and was settled by the Paionians (an Yllirian tribe).

Early middle ages and arrival of Slavs in Vinica

The development of the trade at the end of 6th and the begginning if the 5th century BC has brought to an economic rise up of the tribe. The Paionians lost their power, when they were defeated and the region conquered by Philip 2nd of Macedonia in 358 BC. Later in 146 BC they were conquered by the Romans.

Scientists have determined that the ancestor to Vinica was an old Byzantine settlement, known as a center where wheat was cultivated and wine was produced. It is presumed that the name Vinica originates from the fact that wine of exceptional quality was produced.