Popova Sapka | things to do

Popova Sapka | things to doPopova Sapka | things to do

Entertainment and nightlife in Popova Sapka

Not much to do, except staying at the lounges of Noli's Konak, Snow Patrol Lodge, Scardus, Teteks, Slavija or Popova Sapka hotels.

Events and Festivals in Popova Sapka ski resort

Sarplaninski kup (Cup of Sarplanina)

Every year, in February, a great ski event is held here on Popova Sapka - the sarplaninski Cup. This event was held for the first time in 1947. The best skiers from Macedonia together with foreign participants compete for this cup. Since 1977, the Sarplaninski Cup has been included in the European Ski Association for the competition EuropeanCup.

Sports and Recreation in Popova Sapka ski resort

Skiing and Snowboarding (Popova Sapka ski resort)

There are 6 ski lifts on Popova Sapka: Teteks 1, Teteks 2, Aerodrom, Ge (known as Pionir), Jelak and one parallel to the Aerodrom ski-lift. Also there are 3 chairlifts: Ceripasina and one parallel with Teteks and Aerodrom ski-lifts. The third one is by the Ceripasina double chairlift, but it is out of order. The Teteks ski-lifts are single drag, while all the rest are double drag. The lowest ski-slope is at Teteks ski-lift 1,708 meters, while the highest is Ceripasina chairlift at 2,510 meters.

Just above Ceripasina chairlift is situated the Popova Sapka meteorological station, near the border with Serbia (Kosovo), on an altitude of 2,525 meters above the sea level. There is a hut at the Ge (Pionir) ski-lift where the visitors can rest or have some tea or snacks.

Sightseeing Sar Mountain and hiking

Shar Planina itself, is characterized by the numerous natural beauties, large areas covered with grass, flower meadows and 43 peaks at the height over 2,500 meters, above the sea level. The most famous is Titov Vrv (Tito's peak) - with a height of 2,747 meters, is in the vicinity of Popova Sapka. Named after former Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito. Its original name was (Golem Turcin) Big Turk.

The beauty of the mountain is enhanced by the several springs and mountain lakes: Livadicko Lake, Crno Lake, Belo Lake, and others. sar Planina is also rich with woods, that end at 1,600 meters above the sea level. In some of the higher parts of the mountain, the snow remains even during the warmest summer months.

The length of this impressive mountain massif extends 80 km, and in latitude - 12 km. The ski resort Popova Sapka is right in the middle of it.