Kumanovo | things to do

Kumanovo | things to doKumanovo | things to do

Events and Festivals in Kumanovo

Kumanovo Jazz Festival

Days of Comedy Festival

It features comedies from several Macedonian theatres and also from neighbouring Serbia and Bulgaria.

Kumanovo STREETS Festival

Every year from 4-6 July with Foltin, BllaBlla, Kthjellu, Parketi, Vinsky Project, Sound Pollution, Sercuk Orkestar, White Noise in a White Room on Kumanovo main square.

Health and Care in Kumanovo

Kumanovo Spa

The Kumanovo / Proevce spa is located 4 km east from Kumanovo.

The mineral waters in this spa-resort contain calcium, sodium, hydro-carbonate, cobalt, zinc, magnesium, copper, silicon, aluminum, iodine, loose carbon dioxide. The water temperature is about 30° C, and it helps in the treatment of, among other things, nervous conditions, diseases of the digestive organs, diabetes, and kidney diseases.