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Berovo | history & cultureBerovo | history & culture

Antiquity in Berovo

In several archeological sites in the Berovo area, artefacts & items from the Iron age, roman period as well from the ancient and the middle ages have been found. All of them include rich necropolis findings.

Middle ages & the Ottomans in Berovo

From the Ottoman tax registry of the vilayet of Malesevo in 1621-1622, Berovo is noted as a village with 55 households. By the end of the 19th century Berovo is a small town, with a dominant Christian population and muslims in small percentage.

In the Razlovci village, near Berovo in 1876 the Razlovci rebelion has been raised & lead by Dimitrija Pop Georgiev-Berovski - a legendary Macedonian revolutionary born in Berovo.